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We salute the spirit of educational institutions by offering PlanMyLeave as a free online leave management system for educational institutions, schools and universities.

If you are managing an educational institution and are looking for a free, online, easy to use and functionality rich leave management system to manage your institution - look no further. You can maintain and manage information related to your faculty, students and supporting staff free upto 25 users. We at PlanMyLeave acknowledge the service to community that schools, colleges and educational institutes offer and honor their service by offering planmyleave subscription free for these institutes.

You can use PlanMyLeave to manage your staff and students. Role Permissions can be granted for student and staff leave. PlanmyLeave is a great place to store your faculty information and have it available anytime. The versatality of PlanmyLeave allows you to easily define your leave rules, add staff, locations, departments and manage everything with a single sign on. You can assign permissions to administer who sees what and who controls what.

You can use to set your faculty preferences for teaching, their skill levels in each and your institution's preferences for work assignments for the faculty.

You can set up substitute faculty if the main faculty is on leave, sick or on vacation. You can use PlanMyLeave to plan your calendar for the year - you can verify how much time off you have accrued and plan your vacation accordingly. As an administrator you can set restrictions for staff holidays and add conditions for applying for leave when one or more of your key faculty are off.

Sign up now for PlanMyLeave and discover how you can simplify online staff and leave management.

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Integrated Productivity Apps for your office

Quickly recalculate individual leave balances from any date from the edit user screen itself.
Carry over leave balances on work anniversary date - this issue was set right.
Gender based leave types - Set leave types as male or female specific.
Expiry dates for carry over leave - Set specific dates or x days as deadline for using up carry over leave.

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