Benefits of PlanMyLeave

PlanMyLeave is an easy to use and secure online leave management system that calculates accurate leave balances in real time. It offers visibility into leave entitlements and gives a clear picture of resource availability to managers.

How PlanMyLeave benefits employers

  • Quick Implementation and return on investment
  • Improved Productivity and efficiency of managers and staff
  • Saves time and money in complex leave balance, leave maintenance and reset calculations for HR staff.
  • Easy visibility of real time resource availability to help plan production schedules
  • Quick view of history of leave requests and helps in decision making for leave approvals
  • Team calendar and Yearly calendar views gives pictorial representation of staff availability.
  • A look into who else is on leave around the same time – to help decision making while approving leave requests.
  • A quick and easy way to look up user details online –anytime and anywhere.
  • Record overtime, time-banking and late coming.
  • Flexibility in setting and assigning multiple leave types and policies based on company leave policies
  • Data import and set up done at no extra cost to company
  • Customization for multi-location offices
  • Easy workflow that increases efficiency by eliminating paperwork
  • Easy to use, secure and scalable.
  • As the system is transparent to users, it avoids unnecessary questioning and leave disputes with HR Staff
  • Saves paper and benefits the corporate social responsibility of the organization.
  • Decreases absenteeism and curbs unnecessary and unexcused absences.

How PlanMyLeave benefits employees

  • Empower employees to view their current leave balances on dashboard and apply for leave online.
  • View monthly and yearly calendar and reports on current leave balances
  • Get leave requests and approvals done online – saves employee time and managers time.
  • Schedule vacation time-off and other leaves in an easy to use calendar view
  • View past leave history and current status of requests and leave requests.
  • See users on leave in their dashboard – helps in planning
  • View forward balances of leave which helps users plan their leave ahead
  • Transparency of leave entitlements avoids unnecessary questioning of leave balances.
  • Improves employee morale and builds trust in company
  • Sync leave calendars with Outlook and Google calendars – to facilitate sharing with all team members.

Integrated Productivity Apps for your office

Quickly recalculate individual leave balances from any date from the edit user screen itself.
Carry over leave balances on work anniversary date - this issue was set right.
Gender based leave types - Set leave types as male or female specific.
Expiry dates for carry over leave - Set specific dates or x days as deadline for using up carry over leave.

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