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PlanMyLeave – Feature rich, automatic and easy to use

PlanMyLeave is a specialized HRIS and leave management system with powerful functionality and settings that make it very easy to set up and automate absence management. It is designed to work for companies of all sizes from 20 employees to 20,000 employees and more. We have set up and are familiar with leave policy settings of more than 24 countries and companies from different industries ranging from manufacturing, insurance, retail, finance, IT, accounting and health care domains and can help HR staff in migrating their existing system to PlanMyLeave. Planmyleave can be set up to work with multiple language options. Contact us to know which language options are available currently.

  • Cloud based
  • Secure
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Scalable
Access, usage and mobility
  • Anytime, anywhere online access for employees and managers
  • Scales easily from 20 employees to 20,000 employees and more
  • Desktop and mobile version for access from all devices, smartphones, tabs and ipads
  • Easy user interface for employee self service dashboard
  • Makes it easy for HR to maintain employee information, leave balances and run management reports
  • Custom branding for companies with logo and email templates
Leave approval workflow
  • Automatic workflow of leave requests in preset approval paths.
  • Up to 3 approvers in a leave approval path
  • Attach leave approval paths at company, location, department or employee levels.
  • Attach different approval paths for different leave types at the employee level. So sick leave can be set one approval path and Vacation can take another approval path.
  • Auto approval can be set for Senior Staff with notifications to HR
HR Information System
  • Maintain employee contact info, address, contact numbers, emergency contact details, dependents, education history.
  • Look up this info online any time anywhere in the world.
  • Employees can update their latest addresses and emergency contact details online
  • Maintain HR information and upload documents related to staff like passports, appraisal forms etc.
Integration with ERP and biometric access
  • Integration with your company's ERP, HR and Payroll systems
  • Calendar synchronization, Microsoft Outlook , Google iCal
  • Single sign on with Gmail and Yahoo
  • Reporting integration with Microsoft Excel
  • Mobile version with access on mobiles and tablets and multiple operating systems and browsers
  • Can be integrated with other biometric attendance systems
Company holidays and weekly off
  • Set different sets of company holidays for each location of your global offices. Sydney can have one set, Shanghai another and San Francisco another set of holidays.
  • You can set which days of the week are weekly off for your company. Defaults to Sat and Sun. You can set it to Fri-Sat if you are in the Middle East. If you are in retail and your staff work in shifts - you can set any day of the week as their weekly offs.
Approval Escalation and auto approve
  • Settings to auto approve leave request if unapproved after certain days.
  • Settings to to escalate leave request to another person if leave request is unapproved in x days.
  • Multiple people can be set in an approval path pool and the approver can be selected at the time of making a request from a list of approvers. Useful in cases where supervisors keep changing often
Idea Challenges and Suggestion
  • Throw open idea challenges to your staff and get new ideas to make things better at your workplace.
  • Get suggestions from your employees on office systems - these suggestions can be moderated, points awarded and posted on the company wall.
Calendars – Monthly, Team and Yearly
  • View Monthly, current year, next year and previous year calendars of teams and users with filters for department, location etc.
  • Team calendars to show only team members. Useful for resource planning
Full day, half day or in hours
  • Leave requests can be set to be applied for in full days, half days, quarter days.
  • PlanMyLeave can also accept partial days by specifying start and end times.
  • Employees can be put in different shifts and time-off will get automatically calculated based on their shift timings.
  • PlanMyLeave allows flexible working hours and time-off requests that can be availed based on duration specified. Apply leave with duration in hours – like 2 hours without specifying start and end time.
  • Leave calculation can be based on complex shift pattern settings
Custom Settings of Leave types and policies
  • Leave types and policies can be assigned at employee, location or company level.
  • When policies change in between earlier history of leaves are still available.
  • Set Start date of the leave year as any day of the year like 1st July or 1st April. Defaults to Jan 1st.
  • Leave types like Business trip and Training can also be set – for informational purpose to view employees availability
  • Run Leave Balance engine to recalculate balances after leave policies are changed.
Include/exclude holidays
  • While calculating leave duration for leave types you can decide if the intervening weekly offs and / or the Company holidays need to be included.
  • Define different Company holidays for different locations / department or even at employee level.
Automatic email reminders
  • Set up to 3 automatic email reminders of upcoming leaves and company holidays and choose who it has to go to.
  • Email templates can be set in your local language to be sent to staff for leave request and approvals as well as for important companywide notifications.
Apply leave for others
  • Managers/ Team lead roles can be assigned to apply leave for people in their department or team.
  • For staff who are not very familiar with using computers - the team lead or supervisor or HR Manager can manage their Planmyleave accounts and maintain leave information.
Overtime and Time Banking
  • Record Overtime and set it to credit Time Off in Lieu / Compensatory off or any other leave type. Employees can use this time-bank taken from overtime or any other extra work done to compensate for time-off.
  • Overtime worked can be credited or encashed with a multiplication factor – like 1.5 types normal time/pay.
  • Overtime requests can follow a separate approval path
  • Options to encash overtime or credit it to compensatory or Time off in lieu.
  • Put people in teams and view team calendars in one click – individual or Team view
  • View monthly calendars / yearly calendar of employees
  • Shows availability of staff in teams, departments and locations visually – to help plan staffing
  • Integrate calendars with Outlook, Google calendar and iCal
  • Option for leave reason to be shown or suppressed on Outlook calendars.
  • View employee birthdays and work anniversaries on the calendars
Multi-location and language support
  • Multi-language support. The user interface can be set in any language with options to select from user profile.
  • Set custom date formats, leave types and holidays for each location/department
  • Form teams of employees from multiple locations to see team leave calendars
  • Create leave type names in your own language (French, Spanish, Chinese, German….)
  • Create your email templates to go out in your own language when notification emails are sent.
Employee Self service dashboard
  • Display leave balances in hours or days
  • Detailed view of how leave is accrued and used up when you click on a leave balance.
  • Real time info of balances
  • Apply leave online, get approved online and get notified online
  • Reports of leaves, current balances, overtime
Clash alerts
  • See who else is off at the same time when approving leave
  • See past leave history while approving leave
  • See company holidays while approving leave
  • Can be set to show clash alerts – you can specify a warning if key people have applied for leave at the same time
View past leave approvals
  • View approvals you have done in the past.
  • Search for leave requests by individuals or by leave request types and between date ranges
Editing submitted / approved leave requests
  • Edit and resubmit requests even after they are approved in case your holiday plans change.
  • This is a permission based setting that can be turned on or off.
Supporting Document Settings
  • Ask for supporting document (like a medical certificate) to be attached as a requirement if leave exceeds a certain number of days, or if the employee has applied for leave multiple times recently (for example 4 times in the past 2 months).
  • Show supporting document requirement as a warning.
Auto approvals
  • Set "Auto approval" for leave requests of specific leave types or for specific employees.
  • Employees with the right permission settings can make leave requests on behalf of other staff and also have them auto approved.
  • Post company-wide, location-wide or team notifications on the dashboard.
  • Get notified by email of upcoming holidays and reminders of leave of staff
Set Watchers and interested parties
  • Watchers / interested parties are people who get copied on mails when leave requests are made and approved.
  • Line managers, HR Staff, Department heads or team leads can be informed leave requests are made. Automatic email notifications can be trigged on request and/or approval
Log unrecorded Absences
  • If a person has not applied for leave and fails to turn up at work you can log their absence on PlanMyLeave. They will show as absent on the leave calendar and an email reminder will be sent to the absentee to put in a leave request for the date specified. When the request Is put in the absence record will get automatically deleted or cancelled depending on the situation that caused the absence.
  • Set alerts someone is going to be off on holiday /vacation. Up to 3 alerts can be set at different number of days before the leave start date.
  • Set holiday reminder emails of upcoming holidays.
  • View users on leave on your dashboard for the current date and for future dates.
Log late arrivals
  • Log Late Arrivals – you can specify how many minutes or hours a person has reported late for work.
  • Useful in seeing habitual late comers.
Birthday and Anniversary reminders
  • Birthdays and work anniversaries can be viewed on team calendar
  • You can set reminders to send notifications of upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries
Access Roles and permissions for users
  • Create different user roles and grant permissions to different sections of PlanMyLeave
  • User roles determine who gets access to what information
  • Multiple roles like Department Heads, Team Leads, Supervisors, Country heads can be created
  • Users can be assigned multiple roles
Set Restricted days
  • You can set Restricted days – to show a warning or avoid leave requests on key working days of the company (like month end or month beginning or important days)
  • Set restricted day pattern with recurrences
  • You can set restrictions on leave requests - to prevent key people from taking leave at the same time.
  • Set maximum number of people who can take off at the same time in a team
Shifts and shift patterns
  • Set shifts, shift timings and shift patterns (user schedules) at employee level and view color coded shifts on calendar
  • Set Work at home patterns and view on calendar
  • Leave request calculations will be based on the shift settings for individual users.
Security and Network security
  • Full security via SSL encrypted data
  • Offline access restriction
  • Hosted on secure Amazon Web Servers with load balancing, replication, security and automatic back ups
  • IP restrictions can be set to allow logins only from selected ips or range of addresses
  • Reports on Employee information, current leave balances, leaves taken, leave requests made, overtime requests, manual adjustments made all filterable by employee, locations, departments, job titles and hire types.
  • Management reports can be downloaded in excel and PDF formats
  • Summary or detailed reports for any and all leave types
  • Report for full company, or particular departments, locations, hire types and job titles
  • Report for custom periods or full year
  • Set report filters (by period, staff, types...)
Leave entitlement and Carryovers
  • Automated leave policy rules can be set to come into effect x months/weeks/years after hire date.
  • Leave accruals can be done in hours or days.
  • Users can accrue balance by day, week, every x weeks, every x months, semi-monthly or every two weeks
  • Secondary accruals can be set to happen in parallel - for example add an extra day for every year worked.
  • Different policies can come into effect at different times of an employee’s tenure – days/months or after years of completion.
  • Accruals in hours/days can be calculated up to 4 decimals accuracy.
  • Leave balances can be reset to 0 on leave start year or set to carry up to x days into the next year
  • Also allows manual adjustments to leave balances to set current balances
Integrated with MyWebTimesheets
  • ProjectToolBelt is fully integrated with MyWebtimesheets - Online Timesheets made easy.
  • Custom formats for timesheet entry with daily, weekly or semimothly or monthly timesheet submission frequencies.
  • Costing and budgeting of resources and activities as well as projects and customer budgets.
Integrated with Travel and Expenses
  • A self service travel portal to make travel and expense requests online.
  • Configurable travel approval settings path.
  • Capture and print travel requests with full data on travel dates, destination and hotel bookings.
  • Configure travel request settings for local, domestic and international travel with expense heads.
Our upcoming HR and ERP Tools
PlanMyLeave is fully integrated with our comprehensive free project management software ProjectToolBelt and Timesheets management. Upcoming modules are Applicant Tracking system, Travel and Expense management, 360 degree performance appraisal and CRM software. All systems are modular and fully integrated with each other to form a complete Human Capital Management system.
Support and Training
We extend full support with set up and implementation of PlanMyLeave and also give ongoing support via phone, email and chat.We also train PlanMyLeave administrators on day to day use of the system and set up.
Custom branding options
We can set up the leave management system with your company logo and colors to make it look exclusively like your own system with minimal PlanMyLeave branding. The emails can also be made to originate from your company email. Please contact us at for more details.

We are constantly adding new features based on our customers’ inputs. All features are included in our very affordable cloud pricing plans. If you have not already signed up for Planmyleave, Sign up now for our 30 days Free Trial and online demo.

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