Screenshots from PlanMyLeave - Easy Online Leave Management
Customized client login screen
Dashboard – used to see the monthly calendar of the logged in user, the leave balances and Apply Leave, Holiday List, Employees on Leave, Company Notifications (if any), your recent leave request history and status and a Quote for the Day. If you are a Manager/Supervisor you can see Leave requests waiting for your approval and take action from the dashboard itself.
Manage Employees Screen
Employee Record view - Work/ Personal Info
Employee Record view - Leave Settings
Employee Record view - Employee Documents
Employee Record view - Timesheet Settings
Employee Record view - Personal info
Apply Leave Screen
Step 1

Step 2
For Managers / Leave Approvers
If you are an employee supervisor who is on the approval path of leave requests you will have a section in your dashboard that shows leave requests waiting for your approval. Click on Approve/Reject/Cancel link to go the leave approval page.
You will also receive a mail – that shows the details of the leave request with a Click here to take you to the approval screen.
View of leave request waiting for approval
My recent leave requests on My Dashboard
Monthly Calendar
Yearly Calendar
Team Calendar
Advanced Search
Viewing calendar feed in Outlook calendar
Filters to search for leave requests based on status and user names can be used. Please refer sample screenshots above.
Few setup screens
Add Job Title
Job Titles List
Add Department
Departments List
Leave Types List Screen
Add Leave Types
Holiday Groups
Leave Policies
Leave Policy definitions
Step 1
Step 2
Add Leave Approval Path
Time Sheet Approval Path
Add Shifts
Add Schedule template
Add User Schedules
Reports Section
Reports Home Page
Users List Report - Standard Filter
Users List Report - Advanced Filter
Users List Report - Specific Users
Current Balance Report - Standard Filter
Current Balance Report - Advanced Filter
Current Balance Report - Specific Users
PDF Report
Quick User
Search Leave Request

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